Parliament Visit

Parliament Visit

ParliamentA group of Year 12 Law, Economics and History students along with Year 11 Economics “Aim Higher” students visited the Houses of Parliament to investigate the work of the Select Committees role in government. After passing through security, the group had a chance to explore Westminster Hall. One highlight was seeing the spot where Nelson Mandela addressed both Houses of Parliament in 1996, with several people re-enacting the moment!

The guides arrived to lead, instruct and amaze the group showing iconic sights such as the House of Commons chamber (green) and the House of Lords chamber (red) along with the select committee room where Rupert Murdoch was recently quizzed by MPs concerning the phone hacking scandal. The seats for the select committee were deemed quite comfortable – those for the witnesses less so.

The visit concluded with a short but energetic debate on the efficiency and effectiveness of the select committee as part of governing the country. Several students made telling contributions before it was concluded that they needed more power to scrutinise government workings. It was overall a valuable experience that will have helped to explain the role of government to everyone – along with providing context for the three different subjects.


Silverstone Visit

Silverstone Visit

A group of Year 12 and Year 13 Business students visited the home of British Motor Racing – Silverstone Race Course. The day involved a marketing master-class to put the group in pole position for their modules on this topic.

Having arrived and gone through a safety brief, we embarked on an in-depth tour of the circuit. Areas we were introduced to included the “wall of safety” where every inch of the track is on camera for Safety Marshalls to view, through to both the former start/finish straight and pit lane and the new £34 million version. It was also fascinating to view the workshops where they repair the many different types of vehicle available for people to drive around the circuit. And of course – it is special being able to stand on top of the podium at an iconic race track.

The group was set a challenge to devise a new product or service that Silverstone could provide in order to attract 18-25 year olds, making use of the numerous multi-million pound facilities on site and also the 750 acre surrounding land. Four determined groups created some excellent ideas before pitching them to their peers and Silverstone staff.  These included a music festival/driving weekend, a car sport series of events as trialled on Top Gear, a weekend car festival and lastly a go-kart track.

Of particular note amongst these ideas was the fact that two of them (the go-kart track and the music festival) are being considered by Silverstone as future developments. Planning consent is in the process of being applied for, but no information has been made public about these so far.

It was a great day out and all students involved conducted themselves brilliantly. They were a credit to the school and the work done today will greatly help them devise relevant and engaging advertising strategies in their future work.

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Open Doors Careers Event

Open Doors Careers Event

Opening Doors Careers Event – Lancaster House, London.

A group of 15 students travelled to London to take part in the most exclusive trip Moseley Park has ever been involved in. They were invited to join Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at his flagship Opening Doors Careers Event hosted in the stunning Lancaster House, just round the corner from Buckingham Palace.

Students were able to undertake communication workshops run by senior executives of some of the most successful UK companies. Further opportunities to gain an insight into potential careers came through a speed dating event and then more relaxed questioning in the exhibition hall. It was a chance to investigate how to enter the area of work that they were interested in that everyone took full advantage of.

As part of the event, the students were asked to predict how they thought the world of work would look like in 2020, and five students: Amrita Aujla, Megan Rush, Sandeep Kaur, Jodie Highfield and Rabika Paul were amongst the 20 most insightful responses given and won awards. Two of them, Jodie and Sandeep were further selected to take part in winner’s case studies. Their stories can be seen at There is a further national news article about the event at

The last and most satisfying aspect as a member of staff was the fact that five students were selected from all those attending the event to give their views in a video interview. This was then played at the Business Awards Evening event later that day and feedback from the organisers was that their performance “went down really well”. Congratulations to Lara Pegg, Jodie Highfield, Thomas Randle, Amrita Aujla and Lucy Ufton for representing the school so well.

Although a long day (departure from Moseley Park was at 5am in order to get to London!) it was one highly valued by those involved. Testimony from the students included:

“The speed-dating aspect was good because I got to talk to people about how they managed to get to where they are”

“I was able to gain information about the opportunities that are available”

“It was good seeing business people from massive companies who are still really down to earth”

“You had chances to talk about your future”

“You find out ways to get into the (career) route you want”

“The experience was really good”

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You can view the official Opening Doors Event video below.



Ipsos Mori

Ipsos Mori

A group of Year 12 and Year 13 Business and Psychology students went to London to visit the headquarters of the world’s leading marketing research company – IPSOS-MORI. The day involved a series of workshops on the main aspects of research. This was the very first time that the company had hosted a school party.

The group was the led through three workshops by a combination of recent marketing graduates and Associate Directors covering wide ranging topics such as questionnaire design, sampling methods and the ethics of marketing. Feedback from students was resounding in praise for Samira Mohamed, Richard Hutchings and Eliza Frascaro who led the ethics workshop in particular.

Having battled the underground strike and a crash on the M4 causing traffic chaos, we eventually arrived at the magnificent setting of Minerva House on the banks of the River Thames to be welcomed by Sara Grundy, Communications Director of IPSOS. The sessions started with a general introduction from Simon Atkinson the Assistant Chief Executive that entertained and engaged the students.

Halfway through the day we were treated to a corporate lunch with an opportunity for students to mingle with the IPSOS presentation team. It gave a valuable chance for them to find out in greater detail the different types of work the individuals actually did, how they entered the area of marketing and also for career progression. Furthermore, several students were encouraged to investigate work experience opportunities and internships with IPSOS.

It was a fabulous day out and the company had high praise for student behaviour, participation and enthusiasm. They were a credit to the school and today’s experience will greatly help them in their future studies.

Student feedback:

“We learned in an environment that was outside the classroom”

“We got the feel of what being in a corporate business was like”

“It was also good to hear from the people who actually worked there what it was like”

“I would recommend this trip to others”

“It was good that senior directors were prepared to get involved in the day”

“It helped me understand how complex it is to conduct market research”



My Kinda Future

My Kinda Future

tweet2My Kinda Future hosted one of their signature Employability Events at Villa Park in conjunction with companies like PwC, the Civil Service, Tesco and Vodaphone. Moseley Park beat off competition from hundreds of other schools, colleges and universities to secure 14 spaces at this exclusive event. Members of Moseley Parks Sixth Form were able to attend and benefit from a fantastic experience.

The day opened with a presentation from keynote speaker Jennifer Holloway – best-selling author of “Personal Branding for Brits”. It was an engaging and informative talk about the importance of creating a good first impression with prospective employers and gave an insight into how every action we take adds to people’s perception of us.

This was followed by exercises where people were thrown together and testing communication skills, team working and creativity. Towers were built, pens were sold and a rap was created on the merits of the career options after school. Young entrepreneur and businessman Oli Monks – founder of Bagsee – was able to give insights in how to sell yourself and make the most of any ideas you might have.  Saving the best until last, there was a valuable opportunity for students to engage with representatives from some of the largest UK companies and ask questions, gain and create valuable future contacts

Student comments included:

– A very memorable experience, I learnt a lot of new things.

– A great opportunity to meet employers

– This visit helped to shed light on what I want to do in the future and how to get there

– It has allowed me to learn new skills

– This experience has taught me to step out of my comfort zone.

– I would recommend this experience to everyone.