Optional Subjects

Alongside the core curriculum, students will be asked to choose three options and state their ‘Principal Learning’ choice.

Principal Learning

This is the area on which individual students wish to focus, perhaps but not necessarily the case, with a future career in mind.

Teachers will support students in making the ‘best’ choices to suit their present interests and future aspirations. Principal Learning choices will help us shape an individual, personalised curriculum for each student. Principal Learning is delivered through the following Faculties and department:

  • Applied Studies
  • Creative Studies
  • Humanities
  • PE
  • Science

Optional Subjects

These are from the full range of subjects that the school presently offers. The weighting of the options and the time spent in these subjects will be determined by the Principal Learning choice. The subjects are:

  • DSC_0128Art and Design
  • Business
  • Drama
  • Fine Art
  • Geography
  • History
  • Hospitality
  • Music
  • Sports Studies
  • Triple Science

A stage not age approach to examination entry ensures students are always being stretched academically. Experience has shown that students thrive through challenge. Creating a positive ‘can do’ environment is our aim with students becoming self motivated, independent learners who want to succeed.

The intention is to generate that critical mass whereby the students embrace challenge and want to do well and support one another in their endeavours to do so. We will develop that critical mass by encouraging the students to strive for success, raising their self-esteem, self confidence and self belief and most importantly ensuring staff believe in them and openly demonstrate this belief. It is paramount that all staff sign up to a positive, ‘can do’ culture and the legacy of ‘blaming students’ is eradicated from all aspects of school life.

The developing links across the two schools, with joint CPD sessions and Quality Assurance procedures is ensuring that best practice is shared and that curriculum models are fully understood and effectively replicated where appropriate.

A more student centred approach to target setting and progress monitoring through KS based Raising Attainment Teams ensures all students are ‘on track’ to make the required progress which will in turn aggregate to improved levels of attainment. Early intervention for all students at the point of need will replace the present process of targeting in Y11 those students deemed capable of gaining a grade C or above. The role of Leaders of Learning will emphasise their responsibility for the progress of all students in their subject. Enhanced use of ICT to record and monitor progress on a six-weekly basis against pre-determined individual attainment trajectories, facilitates the early identification process and through the Raising Attainment Teams, co-ordinates intervention where necessary.