Key Stage 4

DSC_0078The Key Stage 4 curriculum is based on three core days and two option days. The intention is for the options to be delivered through faculties with the students choosing a Principal Learning area, from within which individual subjects can be selected. For all students this will constitute a minimum of 20% of their total learning time or one of the optional two days. For others, Principal Learning may take up 30 or even 40% of their total timetabled time.

Time not allotted to either Core or Principal Learning will be entitled Subsidiary Learning and will range from 10% to 20% (half or full day per week) and will be unrelated subject choices. The specific qualifications delivered within the Faculties and the length of study required, will be determined on an individual basis and be different for different ability students. This way 13-19 progression routes will be made available to all but can be bespoke for individuals.