Key Stage 3

DSC_0858Students at Moseley Park now follow a Key Stage 3 curriculum for two not three years as is the norm. We believe that better liaison with our primary partners and increased pace and rigour will lead to attainment after two years being in line with that achieved previously over three.

Students in Key Stage 3 will follow a curriculum designed to aid transition from Key Stage 2. It is a curriculum that enables, empowers and encourages, providing students with opportunities to work in an exciting, creative, competence led environment.

Students will spend two days each week engaged in a skill-based, thematic, Integrated Humanities course, with an emphasis on enhancing literacy. This will be delivered by their Home Tutor, enabling us to better know each child, their strengths and their development needs. Through this approach Home Tutors will be able to support each child’s learning on an individual basis and build upon their learning from primaries.

Students in KS3 will also study English, Maths, Science, Technology, MFL, PE, Art and Music. Students will experience a range of learning opportunities, not only to encourage lifelong learning, but also to nurture the importance of personal responsibility and social awareness.

The programme of study in Year 7 this year varies from Superheroes to Global Warming, cultural celebrations to Shakespeare and much, much more. Year 8 will debate issues such as capital punishment and human rights, study amongst other topics Native Americans and Pilgrimages.

Year 8 Options

As your child comes to the end of their two year Key Stage 3 programme they move onto a 13-19 curriculum, which will see them through to the end of their school career and into the next stage of education and life.

We are committed to providing appropriate and relevant courses for all learners which build on individual interests, abilities and aptitudes.