The Well Fit Programme

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a key skill for young children to learn. According to the World Health Organisation, 40% of 10 year old children are too heavy: 25% are clinically obese and 15% over weight. This condemns local children to growing up with a higher risk of the biggest killer diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

At Moseley Park, the Well Fit Programme works to identify young children who may be at a greater risk of suffering health problems, and helps them to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Programme currently runs with 29 pupils in Key Stage 3. The course runs for 20 weeks, with a follow up evaluation 20 weeks after the last session, and covers a range of theoretical concepts such as the importance of staying healthy, nutrition in food, ideas for staying active, and the risks associated with unhealthy lifestyles. The programme also contains many practical sessions in fitness and in preparing and cooking healthy meals.